The Holy Spirit Is The Great Producer

To be flooded with living water is to be flooded with living wisdom from the throne room of God. The Holy Spirit wants to be a lifelong never-ending river of wisdom for you. 

If you study the life and teachings of the Apostle Paul, you’ll find a person that was dependent and empowered by the Holy Spirit. Paul’s teachings and writings about the Holy Spirit came from a place of experience, dependency, and intimacy. Other than Jesus there is no other person in the New Testament that knew how to tap into the leading, the power, and the wisdom of the Holy Spirit than the Apostle Paul. 

As a result, Paul always knew the will of God for his life. Paul always knew how to be in step with the Holy Spirit. And Paul knew that the anointing of God came from the power of the Holy Spirit who produces the never-ending river of water which is the never-ending river of wisdom that satisfies our souls to no end. 

The Holy Spirit is the great producer. One of the greatest gifts He produces in your life is the gift of discernment. The Holy Spirit gives the gift of discernment to enable us to clearly recognize and distinguish between the influence of God, Satan, the world, and the flesh in any given situation.
The Holy Spirit knows all things and wants to reveal the nature and will of God. 
The Holy Spirit searches all things, even the deep things of God. The deep things of God are the mysteries of God that are a river of revelations of the character and will of God reserved only for those who love him and seek His face. 

This Monday, Encounter will continue its series on the Holy Spirit by talking about the Holy Spirit as the great producer. We are going to learn how the Holy Spirit teaches us wisdom, discernment, and reveal the deep things of God, including the mysteries of God that can only be revealed by the Holy Spirit. 

I look forward to seeing you all there! You can watch our livestream at at 6:30pm EST

Be Blessed and Encouraged
Bill Rieser 
Encounter Pastor