Encounter Studies

Encounter studies consists of 12 lessons that are based upon Encounter's 12 Anchors of Hope. These studies are held during the week at different times and in various locations. There are both men's Encounter studies and women's Encounter studies. They are designed to allow participants to have an authentic Encounter with God, as they study biblical scriptures and principals found in God’s Word to give them hope in and through (and despite) the adversities of life.

God reveals His love and His best for us through His Word. But we have to read it, believe it,  know and apply it to our lives in order for it to impact us in a significant way. It is in knowing God and experiencing His presence that we can truly Encounter Him. We can know that He is real and we can know that He really loves us. These revelations tend to change the way we think and act; they tend to allow God to change our lives for the better.

Our hope for  participants is that they realize that an Encounter with God isn't just a one-time experience. We can Encounter Him in our daily lives! We can expect to Encounter Him daily when we believe Him and seek Him in all of our ways. An Encounter Study can help participants choose a life surrendered to God, a life that honors Him, a life that relies on the faithfulness of God to help them every single day of their lives. We invite everyone who wants their life to get better to embark upon this study: Encounter - where hope can be found!

We welcome you to join us in upcoming Encounter Studies. They are for anyone and everyone who wants to discover true freedom and experience genuine joy and purpose in life. 

Study Materials

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