Pray for Las Vegas and Puerto Rico

A horrific, terrible act of evil occurred last night in Las Vegas. The ministry of Encounter grieves and mourns those who were killed and prays for those who were injured.

It would be impossible to fathom the pain and loss people are experiencing right now. The suffering is unthinkable.

Please join us in praying for Las Vegas. We are praying for the healing of those injured. We are praying for the comfort of those who lost loved ones. We are praying for the blessing, and power of God to empower all those caring for the victims.

We are grateful for the first responders, law enforcement, and every act of courage and bravery that was demonstrated by those heroes. Some of them were just ordinary people who did extraordinary acts of heroism to save the lives of others.

In the midst of all of this, hope still lives and the peace and love of God is being revealed in miraculous ways.

Pray for America and pray for Las Vegas. Pray for a modern day revival of people finding hope, love, and peace through a relationship with the Prince of Peace Jesus Christ.

Thank you for praying. We are trusting that the love and peace of God will comfort all those affected.

Encounter is also praying for Puerto Rico. The bottom line is that people are suffering and people need help. People are dying there too. People are sick and need supplies. Water, gasoline, food, power, and supplies are all needed. But what is needed most of all is the hand of God to do what man cannot do. Please include Puerto Rico in your prayers.

May the God of all hope fill your hearts with His love as you continue to pray for all the victims that have been affected in Las Vegas and Puerto Rico.

Bill Rieser