Recipe For Sweet Peace

My wife Carolynn wrote this recipe a while back.

Everyone is always looking for a good recipe. While I may not be a great cook, I know a great recipe when I find one.  I hope you taste and see that the Lord is good and experience for yourself that He can satisfy your appetite. The only ingredients you will need are humility and an ability to say "Yes" to God.  Thankfully, He does the rest!  

Here's my recipe for sweet peace:

1. Seek God with gratitude and anticipation.

2. Lay down my wants and ask God to supply my needs.

3. Ask God to help me see others as He does and act accordingly.

4. Seek wisdom through God's truth and grace and spend time learning about, experiencing, and communicating with Him.

5. Show the world the Jesus that lives in me.

6. Surrender, constantly, to the leading of the Holy Spirit in my life.  His way is always right and is the essence of peace - even amidst life's trials and storms. 

7. Trust that God is alive and active and He truly cares for me.

8. Know that God will command His angels to accompany me in the path He has set before me.

The timing of this recipe is perfect because this Friday our good friend Lidia will be sharing her testimony. Lidia lives out this recipe on a daily basis. Many of you do too.

Dinner is a potluck and you can go to to sign up and bring a dish or dessert. Dinner starts at 6:00pm.

With summer heating up, let’s make sure we stay plugged in at Encounter. Together we get better and we need each other!

Be Blessed and Encouraged

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor