Faith Hope and Love

Faith has to be your genesis starting point for everything you do.

Fear consults the facts but faith consults the truth.

Faith consults the truth the way and the life, Jesus Christ. When your faith is relational, the level of trust increases.

Trust is the highest form of faith and produces Hope that changes everything!

If there was ever a time for hope it is now. What we need in society is not a nuclear invasion but a hope invasion!

What we need to heal the racial hate and divide is faith, hope and love because those are the three things that will last forever.

If all that remains when it is all said and done is faith, hope and love, why not activate Encounter Anchor #2 (Believe that God’s love and power can restore hope and healing) in your life by faith and live that out so you can work towards your eternal retirement plan?

Hope is hard to find without faith and everyone is looking for hope.

Have you noticed that there are always 2 alternatives in life when you are in need of hope?

·      You can panic or pray.

·      You can worship or worry.

·      You can meditate on God’s word or you can listen to the voices of others.

·      You can obey God and be blessed or disobey God and forfeit that blessing.

·      You can quit before the miracle happens or let hope keep you coming back.

·      You can spend time in God’s presence or waste your time with people who can’t help you.

·      You can be bitter or get better.

·      You can be grateful or resentful.

·      You can build others up or gossip about them.

·      You can think the worst about a person or give them the benefit of the doubt.

·      You can operate in faith or you can operate in fear.

·      You can trust God or you can trust in yourself.

·      You can believe God or believe the lies in your head.

·      You can take your thoughts captive or you can let your thoughts keep you captive.

Hebrews 6:19 We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure.

Please join us this Friday for our Encounter 12 Anchors of Hope series.

Be blessed and encouraged!

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor