This Is My Story

Hi, my name is child of the one true King.  I am a grateful follower of Jesus who has been set free from the bondage of fear, self-hatred, anger and prideful self-righteousness. I struggle with control, procrastination, overspending, food issues, and codependency. My name is Barbara and I want to invite you to Encounter this Friday to hear the rest of the story!

I am sure you will identity with some of the issues that God has set me free from and from some of the issues I am currently working on. I can’t wait to share my testimony of how God healed and set me free. I can’t wait to tell you how I am living out the Encounter Anchors of Hope and how God is transforming my life.

Fact is, I shouldn’t be alive or walking; but I am because God is faithful. I am ready to share how God took my hopelessness and gave me hope again! I am ready to share how God took my depression and suicidal tendencies and filled me with purpose, joy, and His Holy Spirit!

I am truly humbled to share my testimony and I hope you will be there. I know you will be blessed. My prayer is that you have an Encounter with the King like I have had so your life will never be the same!

I look forward to seeing you at Encounter tomorrow night. Thank you for being there and supporting me.


Barbara Graham