How To Find Hope In Impossible Situations

Imagine being in a situation where you are under attack and you realize there is no way out. Imagine the students in Florida yesterday in those classrooms trying to figure out how am I going to get out of here alive.

Imagine all of our military heroes who put themselves in the line of fire each and every day. As extreme as those examples might be we all have faced impossible situations that threaten our lives. I have been in car wrecks. I have had guns and knives pulled on me. Gangs have attacked me. I was sexually assaulted at the age of 12.

I have also experienced personal, relational, financial, vocational, physical, and most importantly spiritual attacks that were all designed to destroy me.

Like you, many of those situations seemed hopeless without a way out. Looking back on every one of those events, I confess that I didn’t always know what to do. I felt helpless and powerless.

Since then I have learned how to take what I thought was a weak and feeble response and make it one of the most powerful prayers that have produced miraculous results.

In 2 Chronicles 20:1-30 we find the story of King Jehoshaphat who was in an impossible situation with no way out. He was going to get destroyed by the biggest army ever assembled to date to wipe out Judah and Jerusalem. It was an impossible situation with a miraculous outcome. Without giving away all the details of this epic story, here is part of the prayer King Jehoshaphat prayed that produced a miraculous response from God, “We are powerless against this might army that is about to attack us. We don’t know what to do but we are looking to you for help.”

Another translation says, “We don’t know what to do but our eyes are fixed on you.”

That prayer can be one of the most powerful prayers you could ever pray with miraculous results. There are so many lessons to be learned from this epic story and we are going to break down every one of them tomorrow night at Encounter. Sarah Lynn from Discovery Church is back leading us in worship. If you need an encouraging message that will renew your hope in prayer and give you hope, then show up. If you are under some kind of attack or impossible situation, then show up. Whatever problems you are facing, God wants to equip and empower you through the lesson tomorrow night at Encounter. I hope to see you all there in full force!

Be Blessed and Encouraged

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor