Do Not Delay

21 Days of Prayer Encounter at COS Day 9

Do Not Delay

“O Lord, pay attention and act. Delay not, for your own sake, O my God.” Daniel 9:19 ESV 

Draw The Circle Key Thoughts:

“Praying hard is not the path of least resistance; it’s usually the path of most resistance because we engage in spiritual warfare.”

“By definition, praying hard is hard because it’s hard. But it’s the prayers you pray when you feel like you want to quit praying that can bring the greatest breakthroughs.”

“Our most powerful prayers are hyperlinked to the promises of God. When we are praying the promises of God, we can pray with holy confidence. We don’t have to second-guess ourselves, because we know that God’s word does not return to Him empty. This doesn’t mean we can claim the promises of God out of context. But our problem typically isn’t over claiming the promises of God; it’s under claiming them.”

“If we stand on God’s word, God will stand by His word.”

“God is never early. God is never late. God is always right on time.” 

Prayer Focus: 

Stand on God’s Word and promises for Encounter. Prayer for all the serving teams at Encounter: tech and production, worship, administration, facilities, group facilitators, bible study facilitators, hospitality and welcome committee, and childcare. Pray for the last training session this coming Monday night that God’s grace would be poured out right on time!  

Be Blessed and Encouraged 

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor