Kingdom Man

Tony Evan’s wrote the following about men in his book Kingdom Man.

As a man you are ultimately responsible for those within your domain. Men, how you lead will play a large part in either the life or death experienced within your realm. You can either lead those in your care to a place of safety, or you can drive those in your care to a place of chaos.

The King has given you a rulebook by which you are to govern—by which you are to rule, lead, make decisions, direct, guide, and align your life choices.

This rulebook is His Word. When you lead according to what He says in His Word, He will back you with the authority you need to carry it out.

Yet when you don’t, you are on your own. Men, many tomorrows will be determined by how well you rule today.

When you lead according to His principles and His kingdom agenda, you free others around to be what they were created to be as well.

Yet when you don’t, you invite a world of chaos, disorder, and destruction not only into your own life, but also into the lives of those within your influence.

When you feet hit the floor each morning, do you make your enemy the devil, say, “Oh crap, he’s up”?

When you step out your doors each day, do heaven, earth, and hell take notice? When you protect the woman under your care, can she do little to resist you? Do your children look to you with confidence? Do other men look to you as someone to emulate?

Does your church call on your for strength and leadership? Are you a preserver of culture and a champion of society, one who keeps out evil and ushers in good? Are you a man who is fulfilling your destiny and able to satisfy the woman in your life?

More than all of that, though, when God searches for a man to advance His kingdom, does he call your name? 

We will continue our series tomorrow This Is Us and focus on the Everlasting Father. We will address the absent father wounds that wreck so many of our families and lives and compel all of us to respond to the Everlasting Father that loves us more than anyone or anything in this world. 

Be Blessed and Encouraged

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor