The Great Exchange

God does not want you living with unresolved hurts from your past. God wants to break all your chains so you can live free from the pain of your past and allow nothing to get in the way of a loving relationship between you and Him and healthy relationships with others.

God wants to heal you of all the damage that has been done to you whether it was someone else’s fault or your own fault. God wants to restore what the enemy has stolen. God wants to replace your regrets with a hope for the future. God is willing and able to exchange more than you can imagine when you go through this process.

·      He exchanges your life with His!

·      He exchanges your shame with His Son!

·      He exchanges your guilt with His grace!

·      He exchanges your sin with His forgiveness!

·      He exchanges your hate with His love!

·      He exchanges your pain with His power!

·      He exchanges your hurts with His healing!

·      He exchanges your bad habits and character defects with His Holy Spirit!

·      He exchanges your identity with His Identity!

·      He exchanges your old nature with His new nature!

·      He exchanges your hopelessness with His eternal hope!

Anchor 5: Get honest about my past so I can discover God’s best version of me. This Anchor will set you up to deal with the root issues of your life so you can discover how you became the person you are today and take advantage of the great exchange program where you will become God’s best version of you moving forward!

I can’t think of a better time to stay or get reconnected at Encounter. Newcomers are checking us out and they need to connect with all of you. You are valued, loved and needed at Encounter. We have many positions that include various serving teams, and group leaders that are waiting for you to say yes!

Don’t forget to come early for a great meal at 6:00. We have another awesome worship set planned to prepare us and I can’t wait to share about Anchor 5!

Be Blessed and Encouraged

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor