Be Transformed

In Roman 12:1-2, Paul tells us to be transformed into a new person. Thankfully, that is God’s job and not ours. But it will only happen if we are willing to go through a metamorphosis type of transformation. The Greek translation for transformed is metamorphosis. The implication of this process is that the outside is transformed due to an inner nature or work. We use it in terms of describing how a butterfly goes from being a caterpillar to what it was always meant to become, a butterfly. It is never meant to remain a caterpillar and it does not remain so. It has to grow, though, to become the beautiful butterfly that matches its inner nature and identity as a butterfly.

Likewise, those born into new life in Christ now have the nature of Christ within them and they must grow and be transformed to become what the inner nature says they already are. As Christ followers, we must grow up so the nature of Christ within us can be seen on the outside. He transforms us so that our outer appearance and actions match the Holy Spirit of God living within us. We are to grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ – see 2 Peter 3:18.

The caterpillar crawls upon the ground and eventually climbs into a cocoon to undergo a period of metamorphosis. When it emerges, it is no longer a crawling caterpillar. It is a beautiful and colorful butterfly that has wings to fly freely. That is a perfect analogy of the spiritual growth God wants to occur in our lives as His disciples.

God doesn’t want you to continue to crawl around in the muck and mire of your old life and your old nature. He wants you to crawl up into His arms and the cocoon of His love. It is what you are meant to do, and who you are meant to become. If you are willing to grow, He is willing to transform you. He can transform you into a new and beautiful creature that can fly freely in the new inner nature He has given you. You can’t do that without Him. God, alone, has the power to transform you.

You are to have a metamorphosis by making your walk and talk on the outside line up with the One who lives inside of you. When you allow God to make the necessary changes He wants to make in your life, He allows those inner changes to emerge so they can be seen on the outside. Metamorphosis comes by the renewing of the mind. Metamorphosis comes when you soak up God’s Word and make it the authority over your life. Metamorphosis comes when you take the Word of life and translate that truth into practical biblical living.

Jesus said that people would know His disciples by their fruit. When we stop trying to make changes on our own and allow God to make the changes He wants to make, our life starts to reflect good fruit and people start to notice the changes in us. 

Be Blessed and Encouraged

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor