When we launched Encounter and God gave us the 12 Anchors of hope, I had an encounter with God where I could hear loud and clear every one of the 12 Anchors God was speaking into my spirit. 

What God was really revealing to me was the simple yet powerful statement of Who He was in all of the 12 Anchors. 

To be specific, God wanted me to know that the great I AM is in all the 12 Anchors of Hope.

Anchor #1 I am not well and I am not the great I Am but I AM is and I acknowledge that. 

Anchor #2 The great I AM loves me and the great I AM can restore hope and healing!

Anchor #3 Surrender my life to the great I AM! 

Anchor #4 I am who I am because the great I AM said I am. 

Anchor #5 I am not my past because the great I AM made my past my past. 

Anchor #6 I am a disciple and I will not conform to this world but be transformed by the renewing of my mind therefore allowing the Great I Am make the changes He wants to make. 

Anchor #7 I am a peacemaker and will offer forgiveness to others because the great I AM has forgiven me and given me His peace. 

Anchor #8 The Great I AM has written a book called the Bible that is the authority over my life that teaches me everything I need to know about the great I AM. 

Anchor #9 Commit to a daily prayer life so I can be experience the presence of the great I AM. 

Anchor #10 I AM has given me power, authority, and dominion over every wicked spirit that sets itself up against the knowledge of God to take thoughts captive and win spiritual warfare battles. 

Anchor #11 The great I AM has sent the Holy Spirit to be my help, guide and source of strength to accomplish the great I AM’s plans for my life. 

Anchor #12 The great I AM has commissioned me to go and always be prepared to give an account of the hope I now have. And if anyone should ask who is this God that has sent you I am to tell them that “I AM” sent me 

The answer has always been and will always be I AM! 

Be Blessed and Encouraged 

Bill Rieser 

Encounter Pastor