Who Am I?

Satan will convince you that your identity comes from what you do. God says that your identity comes from what He has already done for you.

You are the person He calls you, not who the world calls you or even who you call yourself.

The world will tell you to follow your feelings and your desires.

God tells you to follow him through Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit and his Word.

The world will tell you that you are born a certain way opposite of God’s creation and plan for your life.

God said he knew you before you were born and personally hand crafted you into existence made in image of God.

Your parents may have identified you as a mistake or you weren’t planned.

God said I determined when you would be born and I took the time to write a plan for your life filled with a hope and a future of you discovering what it means to be my child and live under the titles and names I have ordained for you.

Listen to the world and you won’t have a clue to who you are.

Listen to your feelings, emotions, attractions, and desires and you’ll never know who you are.

Believe who you are in Christ and start living like it then you will really start living!

Tragically, many Christians will spend an entire lifetime trying to become someone they already are. 

I could not be more excited to back home in California ready for a great Encounter service this Friday night. Our good friend and Worship Leader Mandie Pinto will be back. I have a special new message on identity that you don't want to miss. 

It is going to be a great night to come back, invite a friend, or even someone you don't know to experience a wonderful community of people all trying to live the life that Jesus Christ died for. 

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor