The Frustration of Reaching a Lost Loved One

My younger sister passed away this week. She was 56 and struggled most of her life. Having to deal with the death of my sister this week has been very taxing on me. I have hundreds of emotions and thoughts. I am really sad and heartbroken even as I write this.

My point of this message is to invite you to attend Encounter tonight to hear a message about salvation, and have a sense of urgency to share your faith with the people you love.

I have some important things to say about life, eternity, and how to minister to the people you love that are not saved in tonight’s message.

If you have a family member or someone you love that is not saved, you want to come to Encounter tonight. If you have experienced the frustration of trying to get someone you love to trust and surrender to God, then you want to be at Encounter tonight.

If there is something you could do for me while I am going through the grieving process, it is come to Encounter tonight.  

You can pray for me that I would be able to witness to my family and you can pray for everyone you know who is not saved and needs Jesus Christ.

Thank you for your prayers, love and support.


Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor