I Will Do The Opposite

One of the best Seinfeld episodes was when George Constanza decides to make decisions opposite of his normal instincts and intuition. Up to this point, George never made good decisions until he started doing the opposite and then his life turned around; at least for an episode.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. 

So to experience something great and miraculous in your life you have to do something opposite of what you normally do. 

You have to do the opposite of what your natural instincts are. What your old nature and sin nature wants to do.

What your old self wants to do. What you have been programmed to do for so many years of coping and dealing with all the events in your life that shaped you into the person your are today. 

You have to do something that is the opposite of what you would normally do because if what you normally did worked you would be able to change and heal yourself on your own. 

When I talk about doing something that is the opposite I am talking about doing something so countercultural and so opposite of what society and even what most churches are selling these days. 

Some of those opposite choices include:

 ·      Living out the 12 anchors of hope at Encounter

·      Praying with complete honesty and surrender

·      Radically trusting God in every area of your life and giving Him access to every area of your life.

·      Allowing the Holy Spirit to guide you into truth so you can see through the lens of God how you became the person you are today and be transformed into the person God wants you to be. 

I am so excited to teach on Anchor 5 this Friday with a talk titled, “I Will Do The Opposite.” Mandie Pinto-Czarnecki is back again with another great worship night planned. It is going to be an amazing night of healing and discovering God’s best version of who we are. 

Be Blessed and Encouraged

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor