Encounter Hope

The mission of Encounter is to help broken and hurting people overcome life’s adversities so they can discover a free devoted life to Jesus Christ. We live in a broken world and we have all experienced hurts in life that have left us broken. Because of that truth, anyone and everyone can benefit and experience healing and growth if they apply what is being taught at Encounter. The Encounter curriculum and ministry is built around four pillars:

1.     Discipleship

2.     Recovery

3.     Evangelism

4.     Community

The curriculum consists of 12 Anchors of Hope that get taught all year on Friday nights. Encounter offers a 3 three month in depth study of the 12 Anchors that can be done separately. 

Encounter is unique and different from any other ministry you have ever been to. Encounter is not a program, it is not therapy, it is not counseling, and it is not a step program. All those things are good. Encounter is a ministry where hope can be found and people can discover freedom in every area of their lives. 

Encounter’s key verse is Hebrews 6:19 This hope is a strong and trustworthy anchor for our souls.

We meet at the Sanctuary Church on Friday nights from 6-10pm with dinner starting at 6pm. We live stream our services on our Facebook page every Friday night. For the most convenient method of connecting with Encounter, please download our phone app by typing in the words, Encounter Hope in your app store search engine. 

This Friday April 27th, I will be teaching and reviewing all 12 Anchors of Hope. If I could summarize them with just a few words, this is what they mean, 

Anchor 1 Make the decision to get well and stop doing God’s job

Anchor 2 Believe and receive a love that will restore Hope

Anchor 3 Respond and surrender to the Love of God

Anchor 4 Realize what our real Identity is

Anchor 5 Getting Honest about our past so our past is our past

Anchor 6 Allow God to Transform and change us

Anchor 7 Choose the freedom of Forgiveness and move out of the bondage of bitterness

Anchor 8 Allow God’s Word to become the authority over our lives

Anchor 9 Commit to Praying to grow our relationship with our Father in Heaven

Anchor 10 Putting on the Armor and Taking thoughts captive to win spiritual battles

Anchor 11 Trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit to lead us

Anchor 12 Living and giving away the hope we now have

If you have never been to Encounter, this Friday will be perfect for you. Our amazing Encounter band will be there in full force with Mandie leading another spirit filled inspired worship set that will leave you speechless. 

Some of our amazing volunteers are preparing a special dinner this Friday too that you won’t want to miss. Please get there early so you can secure your dinner and note we will have a new start time for the main service that will be at 6:55pm. 

Be Blessed and Encouraged

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor