Our Big Announcement

We have a major announcement to make. Carolynn and I have made the prayerful decision to return home to live in Lexington, KY. 

It is with a joyful, yet heavy, heart that we leave the great state of California and the many great friends, that we call family, who have impacted our lives in so many ways. 

God has made a way for me to be a part of a wonderful church, continue the ministry of Encounter, and be with our kids. I have accepted a position at Church of the Savior in Nicholasville KY. While we are excited about the thought of going home, we are also saddened at the reality of leaving so many people that we love so dearly.

I have no regrets about what God has done through Encounter, but great memories, and a thankful heart for those who have served with us. I am thankful for our Encounter leaders and attendees who inspired Carolynn and me each week to create a miraculous, chain-breaking, life-saving ministry. I will be forever grateful to Pastor Marty Walker and the Sanctuary Church and staff for opening up their hearts, arms and doors and allowing Encounter to run every Friday.

I will be forever grateful to my wonderful Encounter team and leaders that stuck with me to serve their hearts out. I will be forever grateful to Mandie Pinto Czarnecki, her family and each band member who served so selflessly week in and week out with such servant hearts and giftedness. I will be forever grateful to the House of Hope home and the courageous men and families that have embraced Encounter as their discipleship and recovery ministry. They have ministered to me much more than I could ever minister to them. And, I will be forever grateful to each of you that have attended and supported Encounter, either here at the Sanctuary Church in Santa Clarita, CA, or online across the country. 

We have always sought to honor God through the ministry of Encounter. He has been glorified and He will forever be the Anchor that holds ALL of us, and our faith, in His hands. We will continue to have Encounter on Friday nights, here at the Sanctuary, through Friday, September 21st. That will be our last night here in CA. Mandie and the band will be here that night and we will have a great worship service that will include baptisms. 

We will continue to keep the ministry of Encounter running online from Kentucky, so stay tuned to see and hear what that looks like. We are committed to having a presence on social media and we encourage each of you to stay plugged in, both digitally, and with your Encounter family and friends. We were blessed to serve and lead here. We are blessed to know and love each of you. The Lord has been good to us and He is still the Anchor of our faith. He is the Anchor that holds Encounter firmly and He holds each of you, along with each of your circumstances, firmly and securely. God is faithful and we are grateful that He is always in control of our lives and yours.

We will always remain family. We love you all and our hearts and lives are richer because of all of you and our time here in California. God bless and keep you all. 

Bill & Carolynn Rieser