Climb The Watchtower

21 Days of Prayer Encounter at COS Day 14

Climb The Watchtower

I will climb up to my watchtower and stand at my guardpost. Habakkuk 2:1 

Draw The Circle Key Thoughts:

“Intercessors are watchmen and watchwomen. They see sooner and see farther in the spiritual realm. Why? Because prayer gives us a unique vantage point.”

“When Michael and Maria were in their twenties, they were as far from God as a person can get. They lived from drug fix to drug fix, and they mocked anything remotely religious. They were on vacation when Maria mysteriously came under the conviction of the Holy Spirit. She wasn’t in church. She wasn’t listening to a preacher. She wasn’t reading a Bible. The conviction came out of nowhere. 

What she didn’t know is that thirty of her friends had gotten saved after she and Michael had left for vacation. The moment she came under conviction was the same moment that her friends formed a prayer circle and started interceding for her!”

If the Holy Spirit prompts us to pray, then we need to take a step of faith and mark God’s territory.”

Prayer Focus: Who do you know that is far off from God that needs God’s marking in prayer? Pray for the hounds of heaven to chase them with God’s love. Pray for a Holy Spirit vantage point of vision seeing things that only God can reveal to you. 

Be Blessed and Encouraged 

Bill Rieser 

Encounter Pastor