How To Be Free From Me


In this world there are plenty of destructive weapons that can destroy and kill people. But have you ever taken the time to realize how your personal weapons of self-destruction wreak havoc on your personal life? I am talking about the debilitating negative emotions of shame, uncontrolled thoughts, compulsions, fear, hopelessness, and insecurity that make your life a mess. 

I am going to be teaching on, “How To Be Free From Me” this Friday by giving you the antidote to all those weapons of self-destruction.

If you are struggling with your emotions, your thoughts, your ability to make important decisions, or sense a lack of peace in your life, then this teaching will be perfect for you! 

Encounter is back at our normal meeting place this Friday at the Sanctuary church. Our good friend and worship leader Mandie Pinto-Czarnecki is back and is preparing a great worship set for us! 

With a holiday weekend and the heat of summer upon us, let’s make the commitment to be at Encounter not just for us; but also for the newcomers. Just showing up can make the difference in one person and that one person may be you!

I look forward to seeing you all at Encounter this Friday!

Bill Rieser
Encounter Pastor