The Prayer of Today

When Jesus taught his disciples to pray, he taught them to pray for their “daily” bread. Not for yesterday or tomorrow. He taught them the blessing of praying the prayer of “today” for today. 

Anchor 9 teaches us to commit to a daily prayer life and grow my relationship with the Father. Nothing will grow your relationship with the Father more than committing to a daily prayer life, praying the prayer of “today”, therefore experiencing everything good and great the Father wants to do in your life. 

When we trust God with our daily bread by praying the prayer of today, we can be sure of the following:

1.   Our Father will get continual glory, praise and honor. 

2.   We will learn to trust Him more. 

3.   We can know that God is near to us. 

4.   We grow in our love for Him. 

5.   We learn the blessing of waiting on Him. 

Please join us at Encounter tomorrow evening for the launch of our Anchor 9 prayer series talking about the “Prayer of Today.”

We have a mission team that is leaving for Belize tomorrow night that are going to teach children the Anchors of Hope we teach at Encounter. We will be praying for them and on their behalf, they request your presence and prayers to give them a proper sendoff. 

I look forward to seeing you at Encounter tomorrow for a night of blessing and miracles! 

Bill Rieser

Encounter Pastor